Membership Details

The UTA offers membership to students, clubs and association groups. See below details.


Option #1 – Student Membership $37 p/y

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  1. 12 Month membership
  2. Membership card
  3. UTA Patch
  4. Sports liability Insurance
  5. Access to all UTA events
  6. Discount on testings

Option #2 – Club Membership $139 p/m (Schools over 100 Students)

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  1. Term (Month to Month)
  2. Access to UTA events (Camps, Seminars, Test, Travel and programs)
  3. Advanced TKD Training
  4. Advanced Black Belt test offers to those who qualify
  5. School Charter
  6. Territorial rights
  7. Access to Leadership LAB Business meetings
  8. Access to Level UP Consulting (Money Back Guarantee)
  9. Access to Facebook marketing team
  10. Participate in rebate system
  11. Use of “Go High Level” Software
  12. Participate  in Annual National Work out
  13. Use of Bully Ebook for advertising and lead collection. (Instructor can be the author)
  14. Free Landing page
  15. Free Phone number in Lead management software.
  16. Software social media linking ( Link Google maps, Facebook and Instagram into your software)
  17. Free Phone app for lead communication
  18. Auto texting communication system in software (Never miss a lead again)
  19. Use of black belt certificate program for your students.
  20. Use of Color belt (Gup) certificate template
  21. Wholesale discount on all UTA supplies.
  22.  International Travel opportunities.
  23. Access to GM Wadley via phone calls
  24. Serve on Committees
  25. Take advantage of the UTA network of people
  26. Right to sale UTA Patterns guide book.
  27. Use of UTA logo on advertising.
  28. Be featured on UTA Youtube channel.
  29. Discount on member only rates (Executive Black Belt Club Program)
  30. Opportunities to advance in Chung Do Kwan, Moo Do Kwan, Oh Do Kwan, Kukkiwon, WTO, ITF-Union UWTA and ITF-Home.

Option 3 РClubs Membership $89 p/m (Schools UNDER 100 Students) All 

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Option #4 – Association membership

Call for details on rate structure.

  1. Association clubs may not join UTA without your permission.
  2. Your member schools have access to all UTA events, programs, training and software.
  3. All UTA benefit’s offered.
  4. Association validation through UTA umbrella.
  5. Access UTA network.
  6. Partner in all UTA events

Option #5 – Invitation List (Guest) $1 per year

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  1. $1 per year
  2. Considered a non member or guest.
  3. Will be added to event invite list.
  4. Are professional compatible to our members.
  5. Agree to follow UTA rules of conduct while at events.
  6. No benefits other than attending certain events.
  7. May join as a member any time.