GM Wadley Bio

       Grand Master Jason E. Wadley

GM Wadley was born in California on September 13, 1967. His family relocated to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1976. He and his brother started training under the direction of GM Lee, H.U., Lee J.H. and Lee I.H.

GM Wadley earned his 9th degree black belt in 2016 from Pioneer Great Grand Master Park, Jong Soo.

Grand Master Wadley is the founder of the International Martial Arts Medal of Merit and is a member of the Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame.

He has won several national championships and  international championships in his days of competition. Today GM Wadley is the president of the UTA and also serves on other boards of other organizations to help promote Taekwon-Do world wide.

GM Wadley serves as the International president of the World United Taekwon-Do Alliance.